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The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education Is Dedicated to Helping Individuals and Families with Epilepsy

February 1, 2023

By Amber Kaiser

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Rupinder Bhatti, the Client Support Coordinator with The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education (ESEBC) in British Columbia, Canada, to learn more about their organization and how they help people and families with epilepsy. She has been enjoying her work with ESEBC since 2019 and providing support to people with epilepsy in many different capacities. She is such a bright light for the epilepsy community and clearly passionate about what she does.

Rupinder Bhatti

We provide family and individual support, assistance to clients who experience discrimination or harassment at work, and assistance to students who are having difficulties at school

I also point people in the right direction who have specific needs including dental, medical, and housing and connect them with other community agencies who can help. If they are looking for doctors, I connect them with local neurologists and medical professionals and help them get ready for their doctor’s appointments. Here at The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education, we are dedicated to creating and providing support, information and education to families and individuals who live with epilepsy, their support staff, educational personnel, friends, co-workers, health care providers and anyone else affected by epilepsy.

More than anything else, people ask me how they can manage epilepsy in their day-to-day lives

I try to assure my clients that people with epilepsy are more than capable of doing most things anyone else can do, and with minor adjustments, they may be able to lead a life without limitations. For example, if they are unable to drive, I assist them with obtaining a bus pass and explaining how the transit system works. I really enjoy connecting with individuals from across British Columbia and being able to provide hope to those who feel discouraged and isolated. I believe that happiness is found in helping others.

There is so much we can all do to raise epilepsy awareness, end the stigma, and improve the quality of life for those with and affected by epilepsy

Connect with your local epilepsy organization and encourage people around you to get educated on epilepsy and seizure disorders! Every bit of knowledge is helpful because living with epilepsy is so much more complicated than most people realize. For instance, you might not be aware that individuals with epilepsy frequently experience mental health problems, including anxiety or sadness. The stigma associated with epilepsy and how it impacts a person's relationships and social life is frequently what causes the most harm.

How Neureka Sleep helps Ted

I connected with Rupinder and Ted Downey, the President of ESEBC, about Ted’s personal experience starting to use Neureka Sleep, and he said it was wonderful so far. He said it was innovative and shared the system with his doctor who said there is nothing like it on the market to help people with epilepsy. Rupinder also agreed that Neureka Sleep is easy to use, the reports you can share with your doctor generate quickly and the whole system is really user-friendly!

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The Center for Epilepsy & Seizure Education provides epilepsy support groups, workshops, summer camps, seizure alert device recommendations, educational presentations and many other services. Check out this overview and browse their website for details.




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