Why Neureka®?

Treating epilepsy patients can sometimes feel like navigating without a map—it’s hard to get the full picture required to get patients on a better track.

Neureka® changes that by helping patients and caregivers gather critical data all in one place, and then leverage AI to deliver concise, actionable reports to clinicians.

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Neureka® for clinicians

Monthly reports can help provide a detailed picture of each patient’s journey—leading to more informed, personalized care recommendations.  

The key data—including seizure frequency, medication adherence, side effects, sleep data, and other health metrics—provides doctors with critical insights to make more personalized treatment plans. When treatment is more personalized, it can be more effective.

In addition, the more detailed data we gather across patient groups over time, the more insights we gain into better treatments. Neureka®’s long-term goal is to improve the quality of life for all people living with epilepsy.

Clinician Portal

Neureka® Clinician Portal

The Neureka® Clinician Portal is a game changer for clinicians and their patients, thanks to at-a-glance health insights with the ability to dive deeper into key data. The insights provided help make the most of clinic visits, and can get patients on a path to more personalized treatment, faster.

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