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Meet Tracey: neureka® Brings Caregivers a Sense of Calm

October 6, 2021

Caregiver says: nEureka® Brings a Sense of Calm

In January 1994, Tracey learned her six-month-old son, Ryan, had just been diagnosed with epilepsy. Soon after, Tracey and her husband found out that Ryan also had an auditory-processing disorder, in that he struggles to understand what people say.

It was a challenging time for the family, but they were determined to support Ryan wholeheartedly. “My husband and I were going to be Ryan’s biggest advocates,” Tracey shares.

When the family learned about nEureka® through their doctor as a simple but powerful way to track epilepsy in everyday life, they signed on. Flash-forward three months later, Tracey is more relaxed from using nEureka® to help her provide care to Ryan. She most appreciates medication reminders, real-time alerts, and notifications.

“It gives us a sense of calm knowing that he is always monitored and if something were to happen we will be alerted,” she says.

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