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Meet A. Phillips: neureka® Has Given Her Relief

July 2, 2021
Personal Stories

Meet A. Phillips: nEureka® Has Given Her Relief

In early 2008, while working to balance being a secretary, mother, and student pursuing a B.A., A. Phillips woke up in the back of an ambulance one night after her first grand mal seizure—the first of many to come over the next few months before finally being diagnosed with epilepsy.

Her new diagnosis took an emotional toll, especially as her sons became afraid when she had seizures. “I was terrified and in a sick, sad place because they always happened at home around family… And also my young sons were now afraid of me.”

After consulting with an epileptologist, A. Phillips started to feel better on new medications and underwent a successful VNS surgery in 2019, but life stress earlier this year contributed to her first seizure in over six years.

Now with nEureka®, A. Phillips and her family feel more relieved while staying connected during her treatment journey.

She shares: “[nEureka®] has been amazing! My sons are so thankful for it because it helps them keep up with me, my meds, and my seizures. And also they are able to share the information with friends and family when they ask, and I am not around or am asleep. It has given me some relief, and it helps keep me on time with my meds now!”

“My amazing neurologist … is so ready to have other epilepsy patients wearing [nEureka®],” she said.

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