Why Neureka®?

People living with epilepsy want to feel more in control of managing their condition. By consistently gathering and sharing key data, patients can have a powerful impact on treatment outcomes. Neureka® makes it easier to get on the right track.

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Neureka® user experience

Key patient data—including seizure frequency, medication efficacy, sleep data, and other important health metrics—provides doctors with critical insights to make more personalized treatment plans. When treatment is more personalized, it can be more effective.

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Seizure self-reporting
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Medication reminders
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Biometrics tracking
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Sleep monitoring
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Help requests & alerts
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Seamless sharing

Neureka® patient support

We know that keeping track of everything is a challenge! Purpose-built technology can help.

Neureka® offers a holistic system of support to help you along the way—including an app, a wearable smartwatch, a sleep monitor, and data-reporting tools.

Neureka® caregiver support

Caregivers for people living with epilepsy play a huge and important role—often managing everything from medications to tracking seizures and more. Neureka® helps support caregivers by making management easier, with medication reminders, help alerts, and critical sleep alerts. All of this adds up to more peace of mind for everyone.